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  • Hand Stretch Wrap FilmPE hand stretch wrap film is mainly used in the manual packaging of goods. It is designed with the lighter weight than the machine type, in order to facilitate the manual operation. It is the simplest one in stretch film package. Mounted on a shelf or held by the hand, the film is wrapped around items. The commonly used thickness is 15 ~ 23μm. » details
  • Machine Stretch Film RollStandard specifications of machine stretch film roll: 50 cm (width) * 25 μm (thickness) * 1391 m (length) per roll, 16 kg (net weight) per roll.
    According to customer requirements, we can provide custom-designed products. Size range: width: 10-180 cm, thickness: 18 - 80 μm. If you need the customized product, please send us the ... » details

LLDPE stretch wrap film, also known as PE stretch film or PE wrapping film, is made using high quality linear low-density polyethylene as the base material, with addition of superior tackifier. It is processed through heating, extruding, casting, and then cooling by chilling roll, ensuring strong toughness, high elasticity, anti-tear, high viscosity, thin, cold-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, dust-proof, water-proof, single-sided adhesive, double-sided adhesive and other properties.

This product can save materials, labor, and time in use. We can produce super strength 18 μm machine wrapping film to help clients reduce costs. The width is available within 50-1500MM.

1. Small Bundling Wrapping
2. Low Volume Wrapping
3. Automated Wrapping
4. Pallet Wrapping

The stretch film is widely applicable to exports, cans, food and beverage, printing and papermaking, refractories, wooden floors, cosmetics, handicrafts, non-woven fabrics, carpets, ceramics, mechanical and electronic products, computers, communication products, books, electronic components, household appliances, chemical raw materials, tiles, construction steels, profiles, wire rods, aluminum extrusions, etc.

Technical Parameter
Test Item Unit Test Method Manual Wrap Machine Wrap
Thickness Dial Gauge 12 ~ 80 18 ~ 80
Specific Gravity g.cm3 ASTM D-1505 0.925 0.925
Tensile Strength Mpa ASTM D-882 Vertical >16
Vertical >16
Horizontal >13
Elongation at Break % ASTM D-882 Vertical >300
Horizontal >450
Vertical >550
Horizontal >450
Adhesion N/10cm HT >1.9 >1.9
Haze % ASTM D-1003 <2.0 <2.0
Width mm 100-1100 100-100

Storage: The stretch wrap should be stored at room temperature, and not be exposed to the sun. Avoid over-weight extrusion (to prevent deformation of the paper tube).

Packing: The product is packed in five-ply corrugated box for shipping. According to customer demand, we can make shipping marks on carton for free.

Our company is a professional stretch wrap film manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including shrink wrapping, PET plastic strapping, silage preservation film, LLDPE protective film, and much more.

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