PE Shrink Film (Biodegradable Shrink Film)

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PE Shrink Film (Biodegradable Shrink Film)

PE biodegradable shrink film is an industrial packaging film product, coming with high tensile strength, large elongation, good self-adhesion, high transparency and other characteristics. It can be used as hand and machine types, and can be widely used in the centralized packaging of a variety of goods.

The product is extruded from several different grades of polyethylene resin, ensuring anti-puncture, super-strength, and high-performance. It can be used for wrapping goods stacked on the pallet, making the packaged goods more solid, tidy, and waterproof.

PE biodegradable shrink film is widely used in foreign trade, papermaking, hardware, plastic and chemical, building materials, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Specific gravity: 0.92
Common thickness: 15, 18, 20, 25 (mm)
Common width :200-800mm folded
Common length: 1000m
Supply: 1. Bag (three-side seal) 2. Roll (folded or single sheet)
Storage: The product should be stored at room temperature. Sunlight exposure and super-weight extrusion (to prevent deformation of the paper tube) are not allowed.
Packing: All the products are packed in the five-ply shipping corrugated carton. Provided with the shipping marks, we can print them on the outer carton for free.

Our company is a specialized PE biodegradable shrink film manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as PET plastic strapping, machine stretch film roll, BOPP adhesive tape, and LLDPE protective film.

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