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Silage Preservation Film

1. The silage preservation film comes with surface viscosity and good adhesion between layers, with no oxygen and water permeability, so as to form an internal anaerobic environment.
2. It offers a sufficient strength, including tensile strength, tear resistance and puncture resistance. This ensures no damage in the process of grass silage and maintains the anaerobic environment.
3. The product comes with softness, low temperature resistance, and no embrittlement and cracking in cold environment.
4. It is opaque, which ensures low transmittance, and avoids heat accumulation.
5. The product has a long service life. The packed bale can be stored 1-2 years in the wild.
6. A variety of colors are available according to customer requirements.

1. During silage wrapping, the latter layer of film should cover 50% of the former layer of film to wrap tightly. After wrapping, the end should be inserted into the film layer of the grass bale. The recommended comprehensive wrapping layer is 3-4.
2. If the surface of the silage bale has obvious damage, it should be immediately sealed and mended with appropriate tape.
3. The silage bale can not scroll on the ground for transportation. It should be kept away from the toxic and hazardous chemicals.
4. The silage bale should be stored away from plants and livestock, and regularly checked to see if it is bitten by rats and other rodents. If any damage is found, the appropriate tape should be immediately used for encapsulation.

Our silage preservation film is widely used for storage and preservation of grass.

1. The film wrapped silage features less investment, quick effectiveness, and high comprehensive benefits.
2. It ensures high silage quality, high content of crude protein, low content of crude fiber, high digestibility, good palatability, aromatic odor. This helps to substantially increase the quality and yield of livestock meat and milk.
3. The loss and waste are very small. The mildew and feeding losses are greatly reduced.
4. The silage wrapped by the preservation film achieves a long retention period of up to 1-2 years.
5. It will not be affected by season, sunlight, rainfall and groundwater. It can be stacked in the open air.
6. It is easy to store and use.
7. It is conducive to transport and commercialization. The reusable scrap stretch film helps to improve the environment, with no pollution and no liquid leaking into the underground.

Typical Specifications
Width ( Mm ) Length ( M ) Thickness (U) Core ID Color Packaging
250, 375, 500, 750 1500, 1800 25, 27.5, 30 3" Plastic 3" Paper White, Black, Green In Pallet 1 Roll/Carton

The silage preservation film uses linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and metallocene polyethylene as the main raw material. It is produced through three-layer co-extrusion casting process.

Stored at normal temperature, the product must not be exposed to sun or extruded by excessive weight for prevention of core deformation.

As a professional silage preservation film manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides PET plastic strapping, LLDPE protective film, plastic food wrap / cling film, and BOPP adhesive tape, among others.

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Co-extruded Casting Film | Forage Management Membrane | Plastic Packaging Material for Hey Treatment

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