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PET Plastic Strapping

PET plastic strapping is an internationally popular new type strapping tape. With advantages such as low cost, attractive appearance, durable use, environmental protection and recycling, and high degree of automation, it is widely used to take place of steel belts and PP packing belts.

1. This PET plastic strapping is a packing material with good tensile strength and excellent welding performance.
2. It can maintain tension for a long time, thus ensuring excellent impact resistance in the long-distance transport of goods.
3. It can be directly used to ensure goods are not damaged or corroded.
4. The product comes with good flexibility, as well as easy and safe operation. During transport, it can avoid to avoid the scattering of objects due to the breakage of packing tape under turbulence, so as to ensure the safety of the transport. With no sharp edges like steel belts, it will not scratch the package or hands. It can be cut without special tools and does not hurt people even if it straps with very high tightening force.
5. Our PET plastic strapping has superior weatherability, and maintains good stability between -50 ℃ - 100 ℃. It is suitable for a variety of climate change and is resistant to high temperature and moisture. Not like steel belt, it will not get rusted, pollute the environment and loss tensile strength.
6. The light weight leads to easy handling, while the small size helps to save warehouse space. The used product can be recycled with ease, complying with environmental requirements.
7. It has good economic returns. The density of PET strap is only 1/6 of the density of the steel belt, and the price per unit length is relatively low. The length of 1 ton plastic strap is equivalent to the length of six tons steel straps, and the cost per meter is also lower than steel belt.

This product is extensively applicable to steel, aluminum profile, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, paper, ceramics, wood, metal canning, and other industries.

Technical Parameter (The following is general specifications. Customized specifications are available, with colors for option)

Width(MM) Thickness(MM) Tensile Strength(KG) Elongation at Break(%)
12 0.6 300 11
16 0.6 380 11
16 0.8 480 11
19 1.00 780 11

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic strapping can be stored at room temperature.

1. Metal Packaging
2. Textiles
3. Paper Banding
4. Wood Packaging

As a China-based PET plastic strapping manufacturer and supplier, our company provides a vast array of products, including BOPP adhesive tape, PE biodegradable shrink film, machine stretch film roll, silage preservation film, and much more.

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