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Adhesive force: The packing tape can be firmly affixed.
Fixing ability: Even with a small pressure, it can be fixed on the workpiece.
Easy to tear: It can be easily torn from the roll, resulting no stretching and dragging phenomenon.
Controllable expansion: The sealing tape can be pulled away from the roll in a controllable way, neither too loose nor too tight.
Flexibility: It can easily adapt to the curve shape.
Thinness: It will not leave thick edge deposits.
Smoothness: The adhesive tape feels very smooth, and will not hurt the hand when pressing.
Anti-transfer: It does not leave adhesive after removal.
Anti-solvent: The backing prevents solvent penetration.
Anti-crack: No cracks will be found.
Anti-retraction: The packing tape can stretch along the curve surface, with no occurrence of retracting and loosening.
Anti-stripping: The paint will be firmly fixed on the backing.

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