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The high temperature resistant protective film works under high-temperature environment. It is widely used in the electronics industry, with the heat resistance usually ranging between 120 degrees and 260 degrees. It is commonly used in crafts painting, leather processing, painting masking and other fields. It includes the KAPTON high temperature protective film; Teflon high temperature protective film, high temperature masking tape, PET green high temperature protective film, high temperature double sided film, and other types.

You can identify a fake high temperature tape from two aspects, substrate and glue. For example, the false KAPTON high temperature tape is much lower than the real polyimide tape regardless of the temperature resistance or insulation property. In fact, it is made from a dark brown PET film, and coated with silica gel. The temperature of practical application is not required too high in some industries, no more than 260 degrees. The highest temperature of PET is 220 degrees, so it is not easy to find under normal circumstances. Even worse, some use other glue instead of the original silicone-based glue, with the temperature resistance far less than 150 degrees.

Major recognition from the following:
1. Taste
2. Appearance
3. Residues after ignition and combustion
4. Actual high temperature test.

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