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In the plastic industry, the material and characteristic of various types of plastic wrap are different from each other. There are a lot of ways to distinguish the differences between them. For PE cling film, it can be commonly found in the supermarket, being used as convenient bag, package of meat, cooked food, vegetables, and other items, or for sales.

Distinctive features of PE cling film: It has found wide applications in packaging fatty food, and heating in a microwave oven, with the temperature not exceeding 110 degrees Celsius.

Tips for distinguishing between different types of plastic wrap:
1. From transparency: PE cling film has relatively poor transparency, while PVC cling film has better transparency.
2. From pulling: PE cling film has smaller pull, while PVC cling film has larger pull.
3. From burning: PE cling film comes with easy burning, along with oil dropping and candle smell. After burning, PVC cling film has black smoke, pungent breath, and easy extinguishment off the fire.
4. PVC cling film is mach stronger than PE cling film in self-adhesive property.

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