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1. To clean the kitchen windows and walls stained with oil
First, spray cleaning agent onto the oil stain, and then flatly affix the film to wrap it. As the plastic wrap can retain moisture, the cleaning agent will not flow and volatilize. 30 minutes later, the grease is very easy to clean. You can rub it for back and forth wiping, and use a dry newspaper or cloth for further cleaning.

2. To protect the wall next to the stove
Oil splattering is inevitable when cooking. Remember to use a wet cloth to wipe the wall next to the stove before cooking, and then paste the plastic wrap. Uncover the film after cooking, and the wall will be free from washing and the chance for use of detergent is reduced.

3. To protect range hood
Wipe clean the surface of the range hood, and cover a plastic wrap on it. Change the film at regular intervals, and the hood is free from wiping.

4. To help thorough sterilization of the chopping block
Dilute bleach used in the kitchen into specified concentration, and smear it on the chopping block, and then wrap it with plastic wrap. After 30 minutes, wash with water, and complete sterilization. Wrapped with the film, the bleach solution can penetrate cracks on the surface or recess of the chopping block, so as to improve sterilizing effect.

5. To take care of materials
Wrap the important paper materials such as diploma with the preservative film, compress the air, reduce the volume, making them not easy to be oxidized into yellow. The transparency also helps easy search. Single pieces of materials such as certificates and graduation photo can be compactly rolled up and stuffed into the paper core, and then wrapped in the plastic wrap.

6. To facilitate grinding
Put things need grinding such as sesame onto the plastic wrap and then onto a hard table. Roll it with a bottle, so you can easily get the required powder.

7. To store not often used cutlery
The rarely used tableware like spoon and fork can be wrapped with the cling film. This can save space, keep clean and prevent shock damage.

8. Picnic convenience
In picnic, the tableware covered with the plastic wrap needs no washing and keeps clean after eating.

9. Dry skin care
After bathing and lotion spreading on the heel, you can paste a small piece of plastic wrap, and then wear socks. On the next day, the heel skin becomes moist. Of course, the skin in the other parts of the body can also use this way to keep moist.

10. Hair care
After shampooing the hair and evenly coating nourishing hair mask, you can wrap the hair with plastic wrap for absorption of nutrients. After 10 minutes or according to the time specified on instructions of the hair mask, the hair becomes supple and glossy after washing away of the hair mask.

11. Lip care
You can apply a layer of lip balm or Vaseline on the lips after several minutes of hot compress, cover the lips with plastic wrap, and again compress with hot towel. As a result, pink lips can be achieved.

12. Treatment of burns
Photos have role of anti-inflammatory, detoxification and pain relief. Ground peeled potatoes into mud, and apply it above the wound after moisture removal. Wrap it with a plastic wrap to prevent the evaporation of water, and complete the emergency treatment.

13. For steaming egg custard, you can cover a plastic wrap on bowl containing the mixture of egg and water. Hence, the steamed has no holes, smooth surface, and delicate taste.

14. The bread heated from the microwave oven is usually relatively hard. You can add some water in the dish, cover a cling film on the surface, and then put bread on the film for heating. Hence, the bread heated will become soft and delicious.

15. When using microwave to heat leftovers, you can add a little water in the bowl, and cover a cling film on the top, so that the rice heated is soft and delicious.

16. Take a piece of clean cling film and wrap around the hand to wipe the glass cup, so that the cup will be very translucent and very clean.

17. The plastic lunch-box is not easy to clean when stained with oil. You only need to wipe it with a piece of plastic wrap, so that the oil stain can be easily erased.

18. The plastic wrap can be put in the oil box of the range hood, so that the oil can be directly removed.
19. In winter, the fans can be wrapped with plastic wrap for direct use in summer. This eliminates the trouble of cleaning.

20. In the kitchen, the plug seat not used can be sealed with cling film to prevent contamination. It can be used directly when removes the plastic wrap on it.

21. Pasting a layer of plastic wrap on top of the refrigerator and changing it over time helps to keep the refrigerator top clean and to save the daily wiping.

22. After the facial mask is spread on the face, you can paste an extra layer of plastic wrap to enhance the absorption of the nutrients in the mask.

23. The cling film is the best keyboard protective film, which can protect the laptop keyboard from being damaged.
24. The remote controller of electrical appliances is easy to dirty. You can wrap it with cling film, and take a hair dryer to blow tight, giving the remote control a good cover.

25. Do not immediately throw away the used plastic wrap. It can be rolled to wipe the inner wall of the pool. If the stains are stubborn, you can put a little detergent or cleaning agent, so that the pool will be bright and clean.

26. The camera wrapped with cling film is not afraid of raindrops on rainy days.

27. You can put a piece of plastic wrap under the small carpet at the door of the bathroom.

28. It is very difficult to remove the label directly attached to the glass in the car over time. You can cut a small piece of plastic wrap, and directly attach it to the glass utilizing its electrostatic adsorption function. Smooth out the air bubbles inside by hand, and then paste the label on the plastic wrap.

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