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Almost every family will use plastic wrap when preserving food. Especially when used in the microwave oven, it should be paid with special attention to ensure safety.

1. For heating oily food, the plastic wrap and food should be kept isolated with no direct contact. When the food is heated, food oil may reach a very high temperature, so that the cling film may break and stick to the food.

2. During food heating, the preservative film should be used to cover the container, and then punched with a few small holes by toothpick or other needles, in order to facilitate the evaporation of water, and prevent the explosion of film due to gas expansion.

3. The highest heat resistance temperature marked in various brand of cling film is different from each other, and some have about 10℃ difference. Generally the temperature in microwave can reach as high as about 110℃, so highly heat-resistant food wrapping film should be selected when long time heating is required.

Although all these above are small mattes, they related to our health. Hence, the user still should beware about the appropriate use of the plastic wrap.

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