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  • Stretch Wrap Film (PE Stretch Film) LLDPE stretch wrap film, also known as PE stretch film or PE wrapping film, is made using high quality linear low-density polyethylene as the base material, with addition of superior tackifier. It is processed through heating, extruding, casting, and then cooling by chilling roll, ensuring strong toughness, high elasticity, anti-tear, high viscosity, thin, cold-resistant, heat-resistant ... » details
  • Shrink WrappingThe shrink wrap is widely used in the packaging of a variety of products, such as food, medicine, disinfection tableware, stationery, craft gift, printed matter, hardware plastic products, telephones, electronic appliances and so on.
    It is especially found use in the combined packaging of irregularly-shaped objects ... » details
  • LLDPE Protective FilmLLDPE protective film is a film-like material having a protection function. PE, Polyethylene, is the most simply-structured polymer organic compound and the most widely used polymer material in the world. The product is made using special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as the substrate.
    The biggest advantage is that it can protect the contained material from pollution... » details
  • PET Plastic StrappingThis PET plastic strapping is a packing material with good tensile strength and excellent welding performance.
    It can maintain tension for a long time, thus ensuring excellent impact resistance in the long-distance transport of goods. » details
  • Packing Tape (BOPP Adhesive Tape)BOPP adhesive tape or packing tape uses biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film as substrate. After heated and evenly coated with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) emulsion, an 8μm - 28μm adhesive layer is formed, and the BOPP tape parent roll comes into being. It is an indispensable product in light industry enterprise, company and personal life. » details
  • Plastic Food Wrap / Cling FilmPE cling film is made based on linear low density polyethylene. It is mainly used for the packaging of food. For example, fruits and vegetables usually bought, as well as semi-finished products purchased in the supermarket use this kind of material.
    From a physical point of view, the plastic food wrap has moderate oxygen permeability ... » details
  • Silage Preservation FilmThe silage preservation film comes with surface viscosity and good adhesion between layers, with no oxygen and water permeability, so as to form an internal anaerobic environment.
    It offers a sufficient strength, including tensile strength, tear resistance and puncture resistance. This ensures no damage in the process of grass silage and maintains the anaerobic environment. » details
  • Virgin Plastic Granules (HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE)Due to its good transparency, no discoloration, high tensile strength, high retraction ratio and excellent self-adhesive property, 1-meter-long wrap film made from LLDPE plastic granules are capable of packing objects whose length is 3-5 meters. » details

We mainly specializes in the production of LLDPE stretch wrap, PE protective film, POF shrink film, silage preservation film, BOPP adhesive tape, PE cling film, and PET plastic strapping.

Our products are developed using imported high quality raw materials, innovative formulation, and special process. They have characteristics such as good self-adhesion, high transparency, high vertical and horizontal tensile strength, large elongation, automatic retraction at room temperature, waterproof, moisture-proof, puncture resistance, tear resistance, high strength, safe and convenient to use, self-contained packaging, easy to transport and turnover, etc. They are extensively used in papermaking, ceramics, electronics, building materials, rubber, cables, chemicals, cigarettes, food, carpets, timber, fodder, household appliances, retail goods, and other industries.

We have ten years of experience in the production of plastic flexible packaging products. We can produce PE hand stretch film 12-80 μm, and machine stretch film 18-80 μm for option. Our five-layer co-extruded POF shrink film enjoys enhanced barrier, anti-oxidation, and anti-aging capacity due to the five-layer co-extrusion. The company can produce super strength 18 μm machine wrapping film to help customers save the cost. The width is optional within the range of 50-1500MM.