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    1. Stretch Wrap FilmPE stretch film, also known as PE wrapping film, is a stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. It is mainly made using quality LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) and tackfier, and is formed through heating, extrusion, flow casting and cooling processes.
      PE stretch film offers many advantages, including small thickness, high tensile strength ...
    1. PE Shrink FilmPE shrink film offers high tensile strength, transparency, good elongation, great puncture resistance and water resistance. Available in a variety of thicknesses and widths, it can suit customers' different requirements.
      PE shrink film is frequently used as an overwrap for cartons, cans, pallet loads, etc., which can stabilize, unitize and keep the enclosed products clean. It is increasingly used in foreign trade, papermaking, chemical ...
    1. Plastic Food Wrap / Cling FilmPE cling film can adjust the oxygen, air content around the wrapped foods and prevent dust in the air from getting into them, thus prolonging their shelf lift and keeping them fresh.
      The PE cling film is primarily used for sealing food items in containers so as to prevent bacterial infection.
      It is used directly for wrapping foods such as sandwich for storage convenience.
    1. Shrink WrappingPOF shrink film is widely used for shrink wrapping of beverage, daily chemical products, auto and video products, books, pharmaceuticals, electronic components, etc. It is especially suitable for packaging goods in the supermarkets.
      POF shrink film is thin but strong. It has good moisture resistance.
    1. BOPP Adhesive TapeThe BOPP packaging tape can firmly and immediately stick to the surface of various packages.
      It can be easily torn from the tape roll, without stretching and pulling problems.
      The BOPP tape is flexible, not shrinkable and can easily adapt to changing curve shapes.
      It is ultra-thin and very smooth, which will not hurt hands when pressed.
    1. Grass Silage FilmThe grass silage film blocks out oxygen and moisture which are common causes of silage spoilage.
      It has high tensile strength, tear resistance and puncture resistance, keeping grass silage well protected.
      The grass silage film is resistant to low temperatures, which will not crack or become brittle in extremely cold environments.
    1. PET Strapping BandPET strapping band is a new type of packaging material. As it is aesthetic, durable, recyclable and low-priced, PET band is increasingly used to replace steel band and PP strapping band. Today, PET strapping band has found a variety of applications in many industries, such as steel, aluminum, chemical fiber, tobacco, paper, ceramics, wood, metal can manufacturing, etc.

As an experienced plastic packaging product manufacturer in China, we offer a wide range of products, including PE stretch film, PE shrink film, PE cling film, POF shrink film, BOPP packaging tape, grass silage film and PET strapping band. Our products come in a variety of specifications, colors, and can also be customized to clients' requirements.
Featuring high tensile strength, transparency, great tear resistance and water resistance, our PE films find applications in various industries, such as papermaking, ceramics, electronics, building materials, rubber, cable, chemicals, food, carpets, wood, household appliances, retail, etc.