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1. In contrast with shrink film, the stretch film saves time, manual labor, and raw materials.
2. With high strength and large elasticity, it applies to goods of any shape. Due to excellent puncture resistance and tear resistance, it prevents damage during the bundling of items. It comes with outstanding anti-loose, rainproof, dustproof, anti-theft, and other properties.
3. It can make use of the high-performance resin and tackifier, maximally meeting different needs of users.
4. The product of single and double-sided adhesion or slight, low, high and extra high viscosity is available for various forms of packaging.

PE stretch film or stretch wrap, also called LLDPE flexible film or packaging film, is a soft polyethylene plastic film with transparency, flexibility, strength and no toxicity and harm. It fits the world's environmental health standards. Not heated, it can stretch vertically and horizontally. Relying on its self-adhesive property, it can package various products and keep tension of goods for a long time.

The product can reduce the dust and sand contamination to the membrane surface in transport and storage. It is applicable to the pallet transport packaging or cargo pallet packaging, preventing moisture and dust and reducing labor and improving efficiency, thus achieving the purpose of protecting products and reducing costs. For cargo pallet packaging operations, the stretch wrap gives full play to its strength and toughness and self-adhesive properties, in combination with the binding effect of layers of tension in wrapping, achieving the best pallet packaging results.

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