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The stretch wrap has a very wide scope of application. It can be used in coordination with pallet for complete packaging of sporadic commodity, instead of a small container. Because it can reduce transport packaging cost of bulk goods by more than 30%, it is widely used in the hardware, mineral, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, machinery, and other fields. In storehouse, the stretch film palletizing is widely used for storage, saving space and floor.

1. Sealed packaging
This packaging is similar to the shrink film packaging, with the film wrapped around the pallet, and then the film at both ends are sealed by heat. This is first use of the stretch film.
2. Full width packaging
It requires the film to be wide enough to cover the pallet and applicable to the pallet shape. The suitable film thickness is 17~35μm.
3. Manual packaging
It is the simplest kind of stretch film packaging. The film is mounted on a rack or held by hand, and the pallet moves or film moves around the pallet. It is primary used in packaging from the beginning after damage of wrapped pallet and general palletizing. The speed is slow and the suitable film thickness is 15~20μm.
4. Pallet mechanical packaging
This is the most extensive form of mechanical packaging. The pallet rotates or film wraps around the pallet, and the film is fixed on the bracket for movement up and down. It has a large wrapping capacity of approximately 15~18 pallets. The suitable thickness is about 15~25μm.
5. Horizontal mechanical packaging
Unlike other packaging with the membrane wrapping around the items, it is suitable for packaging of long goods, such as carpets, panels, fiberboards, shaped profiles, etc.
6. Paper tube packaging
This is one of the latest applications of stretch film. The stretch wrap film is better than old-fashioned paper tube packaging. The appropriate film thickness is 30~120μm.
7. Small items packaging
This is the latest application of stretch film. It can either reduce material consumption or save storage space. The suitable film thickness is 15~30μm.
8. Pipe and cable packaging
This is an example of special applications of stretch film. The packaging equipment is equipped at the end of the production line. The completely and automatically stretchable film not only allows for material bundling as an alternative to tape, but also plays a protective role. The applicable thickness is 15~30μm.

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